Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My 'Young Brother" Davin

I first met Davin (middle in the photo) about 3 years ago when I went to Cambodia on a STM trip. I had a chance to get to know him a fair bit and he loved practising his English with us. I remember visiting the Military hospital in Cambodia and Davin was my translator as we went to different rooms praying for people who were sick with AIDS. He would translate my prayers but at the time he was not a believer and I often wondered what was going through his mind during that time. Over the years he was one of the few students that I managed to stay connected with via email. He has such a great sense of humor and was just fun to chat with. Never having a younger brother to pick on, often when I visited Cambodia it would be great to hang out with him. I started praying for him in 2002 after I returned home as I saw him as one of the future leaders in Cambodia.

He has so much potential, studying hard and taking many courses as he seeks a better life for himself. When I visited Cambodia in the summer of 2004, Davin used to drive me around all over the place in his motorcycle and was my translator when I went bargaining in the local markets in Phnom Penh. He also was open to wherever I went and so one afternoon, he along with two other students James and Lida, accompanied me to Place of Rescue. They had the opportunity to hear more about Jesus as I had omitted to tell Marie that they were not believers and so in her own humble way she was sharing the power of the gospel and planting more seeds in their life as she spoke in both English and Khmer. Before I left Cambodia in 2004, God opened the door for me to ask Davin about how he felt about Christianity. I remember vividly that conversation as he said he would like to be a Christian but he was concerned about being persecuted by his family if he became a believer.

Somewhere along this time, God was watering the seeds that were planted in Davin’s heart through his interactions with OMF workers and many of us who have crossed his path. It was so refreshing when I went back to Cambodia in August of this year and though I saw him only for a brief time, I was amazed and in awe of the work God had been doing in this young man’s life. He was now attending a vibrant Khmer church and was involved in ministry there. But more than that, he had given his life to Jesus. As I listen to this young man talk, his conversation was all about Jesus. He had been transformed. God had called him out of the darkness and into His wonderful light. I rejoice as the angels rejoice when on October 15th Davin got baptized. I wish I could have been there to witness this life changing event but I take heart in knowing that God truly hears our prayers. I have learned something new about persevering in prayer through this overseas friendship. Now that Davin is a believer, he is discovering first hand what it means to ‘share in the fellowship of Christ’ suffering’ as he encounters persecution among his relatives because of his beliefs and so now I find myself praying for his walk with the Lord that he will stand firm and put on the full armour of God each day; that the Lord will sustain him and give him a love for His word. These days he emails asking for guidance on family issues and requesting prayer for a cousin who is ill. Our emails have gone from light hearted discussions to more serious matters of the heart and I find myself ‘discipling’ him through email. What a privilege it is that God uses us frail and broken folks to be able to sow into other’s lives and to point them to Jesus. But more than anything, I am reminded that God never forgets where He plants His seed. He will tend the soil, water it and make it bear fruit in His time. Our role is to be faithful to the process of being His laborers in the harvest fields and leave the outcome to Him.

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Hamster said...

What an encouraging testimony of sowing seeds in the lives of people! Thanks, Lisa! I'm always encouraged and inspired by your example. Love you, sister!