Saturday, February 09, 2008

God's Cause

Sovereign God,
Your cause, not my own, engages my heart,
and I appeal to you with greatest freedom
to set up your kingdom in every place where Satan reigns;

Glorify yourself and I shall rejoice,
for to bring honor to your name is my sole desire.
I adore you that you are God
and long that others should know it, feel it and rejoice in it.
O that all people might love and praise you;
that you might have all glory from the intelligent world!
Let sinners be brought to you for your dear name’s sake!
To the eye of reason everything concerning the conversion of others is as dark as midnight,
But you can accomplish great things;
the cause is yours and it is to your glory that people should be saved.

Lord, use me as you will, do with me what you will;
but, O, promote your cause,
let your kingdom come,
let your blessed interest be advanced in this world!

O do bring in great numbers to Jesus!
Let me see that glorious day and give me to grasp for multitudes of souls;
let me be willing to die to that end;
and while I live let me labor for you to the utmost of my strength,
spending time profitably in this work, both in health and in weakness.
It is your cause and kingdom I live for, not my own.

O, answer my request!

Prayer from: The Valley of Vision Prayers

Justice Events in March 2008

Missionfest 2008 – Making A Difference, please see:


Justice for Children at Risk - Speaker: Faith Goodman Friday March 7, 2:30pm in P. Berton Room This is a panel discussion on justice issues concerning children. Moderator: Lorna Dueck, Listen Up TVRev. John Niles, Senior Minister, St. Andrews United Church, Justice Kenneth Pedlar

Slaying the Giant: Ending Child Sex Slavery - Speaker: Lisa Cheong Friday March 7, 2:30pm in G. Pinsent Room



When the Good do Nothing
Speaker: Jamie McIntosh Saturday March 8, 10:30am in Hall D


Putting Feet to Your Hearts Desire
This seminar will explore various avenues in which to become involved in caring for sexually exploited children. Specifically, we will discuss different levels of advocacy, as well as opportunities to participate as a short term intern and long term intern in a host country. Location: A. Waxman Room 1 & 2
Time: 11:00 a.m Speaker: Lisa Cheong (Ratanak Foundation) & James Pond (Transitions Cambodia)


"What God Thinks About - A Theology of Freedom And How We Respond"
Theology is often talked about in terms of orthodoxy - but, theology is something that we do, not something we just believe. James Pond will be discussing the issue of sex trafficking, his personal journey and response, and how we can respond to a theology that promotes the gospel.
Location: Rexdale Alliance Church, 2459 Islington Ave, Etobicoke ON, M9W 3X9, 416 741 1110 Map:
Speaker: James Pond, Transitions Cambodia (

Please RSVP to Lisa J. Cheong if you plan to attend this seminar at:

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Glimpses of Fruit

I can't believe how time has flown and its been such a while since I last wrote on my blog. Today is one of those days when I can barely contain myself as I see God is once again on the move and He has been so gracious to reveal glimpses of fruit that He has planted in peoples lives who either attended the Slaying The Giant Conference last September 2007 or the Seek Justice conference in 2006.

One of the prayers that our team prayed was that God would bring His chosen people to these conferences and that He would raise up people to respond and and take action to what they heard. It is no coincidence that as I begin this month of reflection to prepare for the Missionfest seminars on March 7th & 8th that, the Lord would give me the privilege of hearing what He has been doing in the hearts of others. This past weekend, I along with a friend and our youth pastor sat with 5 teens from our church who God has raised up with a heart and burden to do something about the travesty of Child Sex trafficking. We had a wonderful time of praying and sharing and we discussed about a young teen in the U.S by the name of Zach Hunter who wrote a book called Be The Change and who God has raised up as a modern day abolitionist. Zach has spoken to over half a million of people and established a campaign called Loose Change to Loosen Chains In the next few months, we are planning to study Zach's book with the youth and see where the Lord will lead them as we seek to mentor and encourage them to be the modern day William Wilberforces.

This morning when I opened my email, I saw a message from another teenager---an MK who used to attend my church but is now in India with her parents. She attended the Seek Justice conference in 2006 with her mum. I was so touched to hear what God is doing in her life. NR (her initials) emailed to ask for prayer as she is organizing a prayer group among her 'boarding school' friends this coming Thursday so that they can pray for the kids who are in the sex trade. she had emailed not only for prayer but was asking how she would encourage her fellow peers to get involved. I feel so privileged to be able to come along side these youth and in an ironic twist, the same verse that the Lord gave me two years ago from Isaiah 61:1-4--for the young girls who are caught in sex slavery actually applies to these youth. For God has laid on my heart to see these young women be 'a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor' as they are restored and become all whom He has destined them to be and as I think of the youth on this side of the pond who He is raising up as voices for the voiceless, my role is also to encourage them to fulfill their destiny and to see them be as well 'a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.'

But it is not just youth He is raising up for later this evening, I got another email from two other people who attended the Slaying The Giant conference last September. As a result of what one gal learned at the conference, she is writing her thesis on Sex Trafficking in Cambodia and in May of this year she will be going over to Cambodia for 1 year to be an intern with one of our partner organizations. The other individual is another lady from the Anglican denomination. She called wanting to know how she could get involved. Her phone call was quite timely as I was in the midst of preparing a promotional email for all the justice events (see below) that are happening in March and so she is hoping to promote the events within her parish's newsletter.

All of this to say, that God is raising up a generation of people both young and old to speak up for those who have no voices. How I praise Him for these glimpses of fruit that He has planted and watered.