Saturday, April 22, 2006

I'm Back!

Hello fellow bloggers, I’m finally back on line after a 4 month involuntary sabbatical from this arena. How time flies and truly the spirit was willing every time I kept saying to myself ‘I need to blog this thought’ but yet the flesh was ‘busy’ with other things. Over these past 4 months I have found myself attending conferences, bible studies, learning a new language ie. Khmer, reading 5 books on Cambodia, spending time with old and new friends….the list goes on and while I long to have a ‘Mary’ heart sitting still at the feet of Jesus, I find myself discovering that this is a season for “Martha’ to arise. Really there is a constant tension I think that we all face every day and that is ‘being’ versus ‘doing’….a professor at Regent College Dr. Paul Stevens recently said that we need to learn to live this tension well. I believe that with all my heart for each day brings its own challenges and as a people of God, we are constantly a work in process, learning and discovering new things about ourselves as we enter into each daily experience that comes our way. At times we are called to just be still, to reflect and think and ponder and at other moments in the day, we find ourselves in ‘doing mode’. Even as I write this blog entry tonight I am being both a Mary and Martha…reflecting and sharing my thoughts that are percolating in my mind at this point and yet having to pen them in order to prepare a blog.

So I look forward to hearing from you all in blog world!

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Hamster said...

Glad to have you back!