Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

Today is the Thanksgiving holiday in Canada. It is nice to get this extra day just to rest but this morning as I awoke and lay in bed I began to think of all the things I was thankful to God for. So often in our busy lives we do not take the time to stop and reflect on God’s goodness to us. I wonder if we did this on a more regular basis whether our hearts would be filled with more gratitude and less envy or discontent. At any rate, today I felt prompted to sit and write the many ways that I am thankful to God.

I am thankful to the Lord for:

• Dying on the cross for my sins and for His resurrection that I have new
life in Him
• Choosing me to be part of His family
• His love and grace
• Gift of family and friends and their continual support and encouragement in
so many ways
• Gift of my church family and pastors who demonstrate and model servant
• Friends that I have accountability with and for the wisdom and discernment
He has given them to challenge me and to speak His truth into my life
• Purpose and meaning He gives to my life and the passion He has placed in my
heart for those who are broken and oppressed
• His faithfulness in fulfilling His promises to me
• The visions He inspires me to pursue
• The privilege I have of partnering with Him in His Kingdom purposes
• My health
• My ‘day’ job which I consider to be a blessing since it is my hobby
• Friendships that have been difficult and challenging for in and through
them I have learned much about myself and about Him in the process
• Encouraging me to take risks on His behalf
• The opportunity to invest in the lives of young kids and to discover His
love through them
• The opportunities to be His voice to mobilize and encourage others to be
involved in building His kingdom
• Modeling to me what it means to endure the cross for the ‘joy’ that was set
• The strength He gives me to keep running the race despite the obstacles
• The abundant life I have experienced through and in Him

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