Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sunrise etc

Today we decided to change our plans a bit and stopped into Kampong Cham to meet Diane Moss who works at Sunrise an AIDs hospice. The hospice is the home of 6 female AIDS patients who are cared for by 4 caregivers. What is encouraging is the 120 volunteers that the hospice has from 19 different Khmer churches in Kampong Cham. Truly it is refreshing to see the body of Christ be united this way. We spent time praying for the 6 AIDS patients joining our hands together with them. It was a special time and while language is a barrier, I am always touched by the fact that despite their fragile condition and frail bodies, even these AIDS patients can sit up and smile.

Tomorrow I meet with a couple more folks who are doing some strategic work here in Cambodia in high places. Then on Monday I will return to NewSong to see the 16 girls who are now in the centre. These are the precious ones who have been rescued from the brothels. We also hope to meet up with some Vietnamese friends here who are working in New Hope ministries---New Hope works among the marginalized Vietnamese community here and many of the young girls are often sold into prositution by their parents. More on this after the meetings.

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