Friday, October 21, 2005

Believing God For Who He Says He Is

Our second lesson in our Beth Moore bible study on ‘Believing God’ centered on the topic ‘Believing God is who He says He is.' Everything hinges on the faith statement that God is who He says He is. As Beth said, public opinion spans the spectrum from God is not existent to God is the God of the bible. All attempts to define God cannot help but minimize Him. If in our pursuit of greater knowledge God seems to have gotten smaller, then we have been deceived. Nothing is wrong in saying ‘I know my God but I may not fully understand Him.’ We try to take away the ‘mystery’ of God when we try to answer all the questions about who He is. In so doing we minimize God and package Him neatly as if He is something to be boxed in. I really love this quote ‘we cannot tame the Lion of Judah. There is a wonder and a mystery about Him that makes Him marvelous.’ He is a mystery and yet we are secure in Him. Whatever our perception of God, He is more, He is better. God is not the least affected by who we say He is or think He is but we are affected by what we say. In other words, regardless of what people say about God doesn’t change Him or His character. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. God is looking for stewards that believe He is who He says He is so that what He has already empowered in the heavenlies can be released and let loose on earth. God has a storehouse of blessing for our lives. Do I believe it?

Dear Lord, take one more scale off my eyes this day so that I may see you that much more clearer. As I begin this new week, let me keep asking that question ‘ what does it mean that God is who he says He is in the circumstances of my life?’ Grant me O’Lord your spiritual eyes to see each situation from your perspective and just as you blessed Solomon with great wisdom and insight and understanding that is measureless as the sand on the seashore, O Father, I pray that you would continually give me the same portion. For without Your wisdom and discernment, I am a blind person loss without direction, uncertain of the way and the decisions before me. Let me not minimize you or take away the mystery that surrounds You with my futile thinking, but teach me how to marvel at You in circumstances when the answers are not clear. Give me Your strength to wait upon you and to not run ahead of you but simply to sit still at Your feet and rest in Your faithfulness


xiying said...

heyz, i like ur blog!!! i m a christian btw...hope we can share our view on christianity! keep up ur work!!!

lisa said...

thanks for your feedback. If you have a blog let me know. Sure, I'm always open to discussing Christianity.