Friday, October 21, 2005

The Next Leaders?

These are the young boys who have grown up at the Unacas orphanage in Cambodia. Polla, the tallest one who is next to Marie Ens, a modern day version of Mother Theresa, is a gifted worship leader. He has a natural and God given talent to encourage the other kids to worship God. And then there was Khosol (second to the right). He came to the orphanage when he was young and has the job of taking care of his sister and brother. Khosol turns 18 in another two years and desires to go to University. For now he teaches the other kids Math at the orphanage. What a special time it was to pray over each of then and anoint them. They are the future leaders of Cambodia. They have so much potential and the Lord has brought them to this place, a place of refuge where they can be nurtured spiritually and emotionally and can know the Light of the World. They are the modern day version of Daniel, Joshua, David and Jonathan.

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