Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blessed To Be A Blessing

Tonight I leave for Cambodia with a friend for just over a 2 1/2 week stay. This morning I got a surprise email that a good friend from Singapore will join us for the latter part of the trip. I'm excited that she can come as she has and her husband are such prayer warriors and their home has often been a place of refuge and refreshment for me after my time in Cambodia. I am grateful to God as He is raising up reinforcements for us as we go so that we can prayer walk the land together.

One of the joys of going each year are the many gifts that people give me to take to bless the missionaries who are on the front line. This year is no different as a few retired ladies from my church continued to make little teddy bears that we will deliver to the kids in Cambodia. They have been doing it for 3 years and continue to invite others to join their group. We joke that we want to see every child in Cambodia have a teddy bear and who knows. God can take our 5 loaves and 2 fish and mutliply them. These older ladies inspire me as they make these teddy bears with such joy and not only are the kids who receive them blessed but they themselves are blessed as two of them use knitting to help them with their arthritic pain.

Last night I finally finished the last of my packing and was thrilled by another sister in Christ who dropped by with special gifts for the 9 precious girls that we will be visiting at the Transitional Living Centre (TLC). These little gold purses with white straps were filled with 'girlie' stuff: lipgloss, hairbands, a pearl bracelet and hairclips and as I looked at the colour of the purses---the white symbolizing purity and the gold symbolizing royalty, I couldn't help but think of the fact that despite all the traumatic past of these young girls, the Lord Jesus is the one who makes them as white as snow by His shed blood and He will raise them up to be daugthers of the Most High God. For He is their King and they are His princesses!

These are just some of the many gifts that we are taking over but there is such a joy in blessing others this way. I look forward to seeing all the smiling faces and the reactions as we hand out the precious cargo entrusted to us! May these small gifts be glorifying to God as each person receives them, may they become aware of the One who gave us the most precious gift we have and that is the gift of His Son that we might have eternal life and experience the abundant life in Him as we receive the love He offers to each of us.

My next post will be in Cambodia! Till then thanks so much to all of you who are praying. We appreciate your love and support and the many ways you have encouraged us on this journey.


Hamster said...

Lisa, looking forward to reading about your journey in Cambodia. I can't believe that you are returning for the 6th time...that is truly amazing, and speaks of the fruit being born from the steps of faith in the earlier years.

Blessings, my friend! May He take you by the hand and lead you to see and witness His heart for the children and people there!

lisa said...

Hey Hammy

Thanks for your post and your prayers. It's been a good time of visiting the familiar jaunts and am looking forward to seeing what new insights He gives.