Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Visiting Kampong Chnnang

This morning we headed out on a two hour drive to visit Kampong Chnnang as Pastor Sok & Savy Em who used to oversee the Toronto Cambodian Alliance church are now serving the Lord full time here in Cambodia. Our group went to prayer walk in their community and also it was great to go on a follow up visit to see the completion of the Tahas Bible Institute that Pastor Sok and others have established to train leaders and pastors. Tahas is actually the name of the first Khmer who became a Christian by the C&MA. We arrived at 10:30am and had a brief chat before we headed down the dusty red coloured road towards the bible institute. Not too far from Pastor Sok's house we were told that a building that is being constructed is suppose to be a place for a brothel or where prostitutes will live. Even here in the rural areas, these type of illicit activities invade a quiet sleepy community. We decided to pray over the construction of that site and asked the Lord to put obstacles in the way of any such development and we claimed the land back for godly purposes. We kept on walking and found our way to the Tahas Bible institute and began to pray God's blessing in each of the rooms as well as the land that the buildings lie on.

The couple who are living on the site---Chong and Kung are from Banteay Meacheay which is located along the Poipet/Thailand Border and is a well known as a Khmer Rouge stronghold. However, when Chong became a believer, he felt God calling him to work in Kampong Chnnang and so he and his wife now live on the grounds of the institute. We took time to pray over them as well before heading back to Pastor Sok & Savy's place for a typical Cambodian meal of Lok Lak and fried fish.

On our drive back and forth from Kampon Chhnang we noticed corn on the cob ie: corn being steamed and it looked like an enticing treat. Our driver suggested it was okay to eat but we decided to wait and confirm with Savy. True enough, we found out that it was not a wise thing to eat the steamed corn sold. Apparently the Khmer spray it with acid and then steam it. Savy who had eaten one a while back had a reaction from the acid that caused her throat to be soar and itchy. So much for wanting to eat local stuff.

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