Thursday, August 23, 2007

Newsong Centre

Tuesday afternoon we went to the Newsong centre and had lunch with the girls. There are 34 girls there now, almost at full capacity and up from the 16 that were first there when I visited last year. One of the girls I met last year, Sopheak (not her real name) comes over to greet me and we sit together on this long table and eat our lunch---my favorite dish called Lok Lak---a stewed meat with vegetables and rice. Sopheak's English has improved so much from last year and I ask her a bunch of questions. Other girls come by to greet us and give us hugs. It is surreal really as they are so friendly and open but it speaks much to the healing power of God who can do more than we can ask or imagine. His love in them is so evident as they exude it in the way they respond to each of us. After lunch, they take us around their 'home' like little tour guides showing us where they sleep and their classrooms. One of the things their house mothers have taught them is how to make necklaces and we see a display of the pearl necklaces that they make. I am impressed by the quality of their workmanship and we congratulate them on the work they have done. Their faces beaming back with joy as they hear our comments.

This place indeed emnates the presence of God. Indeed He has put a new song in each of their hearts. Scripture reminds me that God sets the lonely in families. At the Newsong Centre, this is the atmosphere that pervades as each set of 6 kids has a house mum who lives and sleeps with them in their rooms. It is like one big family in this place and the girls are constantly laughing and teasing one another. Being around them makes me feel young again as one of the little ones pokes at me and I go chasing after her. Their playful hearts really reflect the joy that is within them and demonstrates that God is restoring their childhood that was once stolen from them. We'll be back to visit them again on Friday and I can't wait to just hang out and play with them.

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