Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Unexpected Meeting with Nhu

Many of you may recall that the NewSong centre is named after two girls. One is Nhu and the other Sung who is still missing. Nhu is now in a centre that is run by another Christian organization and she has the opportunity to go to school, learn English and also teach other girls at that centre beautician skills. We were not sure if we would see Nhu on this trip as our schedule has been quite busy but last night as we went to pick up a friend for dinner who was teaching at one of the New Hope Schools, we unexpectedly bumped into Nhu. She was waiting with some of the other girls for their evening bible study. IT was great to see her again and she briefly commented about meeting me last year. I told her ├Żes' as she had done my manicure when I had gone to the Singapore Salon.

I'm grateful for God's sovereignty and how He ordains unexpected meetings. We didn't have a chance to pray with her but whenever I think of Nhu I am reminded that God is mighty to save and her life is a demonstration of God's ability to redeem lives and restore them for His glory.

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