Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sing A New Song

Have you ever woke with a new song in your heart? I don't mean the you wake up with a tune in your head although that happen to me a few weeks ago. Rather, you wake up with a deep desire to just praise and worship the Lord. This morning was one of those rare moments and I mean rare as I don't typically wake up before my 5am morning alarm but there I was at 4:20am in the morning wide eyed and felt the urge to jump out of bed and just worship the Lord. So I put on a new CD by Hillsong called Savior King and there I was singing my head off and hands lifted high. I'm not a typical 'right' brain person so acting like this is not the norm but then again, when the Spirit of God falls upon you, one never knows what unexpected things can happen. It was just a precious time of praise and a time of offering prayers of thanksgiving for who He was and all that He has done in recent times.

Since returning home from Asia, I have had a sense of something going on deep within my spirit but I cannot yet explain it at this stage which is okay as time is the greatest gift for God to bring forth His revelation, but the three words that keep ruminating in my brain is faith, hope and love. I look forward to seeing what new thing will spring forth from all this percolating!

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Sita Henderson said...

Lisa, this post blessed me. I have been feeling the Spirit moving deeply in my own Spirit and it delights me to see His work in others. I have added your blog in my favourites in my own blog. I look forward to that spring of living water when all that percolating is done!