Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cambodia Posting 1

Well, we arrived yesterday August 19th after taking a 25 hour flight that saw us fly from Toronto to Vancouver to Seoul before landing in Singapore for a 9 hour layover before flying out to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our 15 pieces of luggage arrived safely as well and we quickly settled into the OMF Team centre. For some reason the flight seemed shorter this time as it went by quickly.

Each time I return here it is interesting to observe the continual 'progress' of economic development that is happening. There are more new buildings going up and yet in the midst of that, the 'old' Cambodia is still evident, little kids running around barefoot, with few clothes on, people still begging incessantly. Today, there was a fair bit of rain and in one area there was a big brown pool of water filled with garbage. Yet in the midst of this, we saw about 8 kids swimming and laughing in this infested pool of water. Poverty is rampant on every street corner but I am always touched by the smiles of the Khmer. They are such a warm people. Regardless of their circumstances, they always smile at you. It is a welcoming smile that invites you to want to talk to them. It's times like these when I feel so frustrated at not knowing the language.

We also visted Wat Phnom, one of the temples and saw many little kids. I saw this little boy perhaps no more than 4 years old coming towards us and in his arms was his baby sister who was probably around 8 months old. I don't why, but for some reason that picture brought tears to my eyes. I love watching their little faces as they are always smiling at you. I can't help but wonder if the tables were turned and I were in their position would I be smiling if I were begging?

Anyway, tomorrow we are off to Tuol Sleng and Killing Fields. I haven't seen these since 2002 and so it will be interesting to return to these infamous places with 7 others and to hear their perspectives. Stay tuned.


Hamster said...

Prayin' for you and the team, Lisa.

Wish I could be there to join in on what He's going to show you and reveal about Himself and His people.

lisa said...

thanks much to share already but can't put it all down. Many tears by all of us...our debriefing times have been so wonderful. We are grateful for the gift of tears.thanks