Thursday, August 24, 2006

Jolted Into the Dark Reality

After spending the morning at Place of Rescue and then visiting Nhu we headed to a restaurant near the waterfront for dinner. It was such a day filled with much joy and hope but that didn't lasted long when we were jolted back to the realities of the darkness that pervades this place. After having a wonderful dinner with good fellowship we were leaving the restaurant and as I passed by one of the tables, I noticed an older foreign man with a young girl who could not have been much more than 14 years old. They were not seated opposite to each other as would be the norm but rather, they were sitting next to each other. I could feel the blood boiling within me as I began to get angry ---God's righteous anger hopefully and I started praying as we walked towards the van that the Lord would somehow prevent this man from doing anything with this young girl. The anger I felt turns to tears as I kept asking the Lord ---why, why God, why in this place is this happening? I need to talk to those who are working here on th front lines in this ministry. I want to know how they deal with this when it is so 'in your face'. How do they stand on behalf of these children that are at risk. How do they cope with seeing these men and these children? I realize the enemy is trying to taunt us here. If's as if he is saying 'you want to do good in this land but guess what, this girl is mine'....I share with the others during the debriefing session and we start pleading before our Heavenly Father. Brian's comments ring in my ears ---'one child at a time. One child at a time.' We are not helpless, God is here. The victory is ours but we must persevere in prayer. I am looking forward to meeting the folks at Chab Dai. I know they represent God's hope in this place.

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