Thursday, August 24, 2006

Meeting Nhu

There are a few times in my life when I have the opportunity to meet someone I have read about--someone whom the Lord has used to awaken a sleeping vision that He had placed in my heart some 15 years ago. Many of you have heard of the NewSong project named after two Vietnamese girls Nhu and Sung. On Tuesday afternoon I had the opportunty to meet and see Nhu. She works in a salon here Phnom Penh. SHe is now 19 years old and is working 7days at this place. Please pray for her as she told one of my other team members that she has no time to go to church any more because of this job. One of the missionaries who was with us asked her if she would like to learn English and she expressed am an interest in doing that so we will see how that develops. SHe has such a beautiful smile but we were not able to spend much time with her as she quickly disappeared with a customer to an upper room. While I am thankful to the Lord for this job that she has, we couldn't help but notice that she was off to do a facial massage for an older Asian man. I wonder what if anything goes through her mind when she is working here. We are praying that the Lord would continue to watch over her and protect her. I hope to go back again to visit her before we leave in Sept.


Hamster said...

Thanks for the ongoing updates...

Standing with you and the team in prayer. I do pray that the Lord will bring about transformation in Cambodia, whether it be one child at a time or one person at a time. Be His eyes, His hands, and feet!

lisa said...

Hey Hamster

Thanks for your prayers...I wish I had more time to write and process but most of the latter will be done when I return. Not enough time here as the need to spend time encouraging others is high.