Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Pastor's Vision

Today half of us went to visit Pastor Sok & Savy Em in Kampong Chnang. The ride was beautiful as we see all the green hue of the rice paddies. The colors are so vibrant and the road is less crowded as we leave Phnom Penh to these more rural areas. Sok and Savy are setting up a bible training center for pastors in the Kampong Chnang area. Pastor Sok and Savy used to be the pastors at the Toronto Cambodian Alliance church before they felt God's call back to their nativeland. God has given them a vision for training up the leaders in the church. Their house is painted white and stands out among the brown little huts and houses that surrounds the red clay road. They have put a light in front of their house--quite symbolic really as the neighbors comment to them how grateful they are for this street light that brightens this unpaved road in the neighborhood. We spend time praying with them and then take a 10 minute walk to the site where construction is going on of a new leadership training centre. We prayer walk the area and anoint the rooms as we ask the Lord to make this place holy ground for those who come to attend the classes. Already they have interest from 23 young Christian leaders in the area who want to come. The central building has 3 classrooms and they have been given another section of land to build a residence for the students. Pastor Sok & Savy don't have much back in Toronto but they believe in this vision that the Lord has called them to and are using their own funds to build this building. There tell us that Christians as far as Battambang want to come to this leadership training centre when it is done. I'm excited for them as I dream about the possibilities that God would multiply the offering they have made to strengthen the Cambodian church leaders in this area.

Tomorrow we are off to see Helen at Chab Dai.

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