Friday, August 25, 2006

A Vision of Christ''s Compassion

As I sit there today at this internet cafe I am mindful of the fact that this is one of the things on my 'daily'to do list. While it is less a priority, I know I need to update the journal otherwise it is easy to forget what I see and hear as we move from one meeting to the next. Over the past few days as I have sat and listened to many of God's laborers in Cambodia one of the common threads that I have seen in their lives is obedience to God's vision in their lives. It is not a new revelation but perhaps if anything serves to inspire me more to keep stepping out in faith with God as He imparts vision. In a country like Cambodia there are endless needs because the country's social, moral, spiritual and physical infrastructure has been decimated and it will take years to rebuild. Yet, as I talk to each of God's servants here there is one thing I keep seeing in them---His compassion for the broken hearted, the marginalized, the forgotten, the vulnerable, the exploited. Matthew 25:42-45 and Isaiah 58:7-12 seem to be the scriptures that ruminate in my mind every day as I meet people and learn about what they are doing here. Yesterday (Thurs Aug 24) I met Helen Sworn of Chab Dai. I still haven't processed all that she shared but what amazes me is how God has taken the vision He has placed in her heart and has expanded it in such a short time, such that the work that is being done at Chab Dai is now being used as a model in other countries. But more than that is the people of influence that HE is orchestrating for her to meet. There is no doubt that God is close to those who are crushed in spirit and when the enemy seeks to create discouragement here (and it is so easy to do) the Lord shows that He is in charge and He is in control. It is the Gospel and the hope it brings that is so imperative for all in this land to see. The darkness pervades but the light is shining and will penetrate the darkness no matter what. To those we meet who have experienced much pain and suffering, to the children we see barefooted, crying for food, to the beggars at the market, to all of these the words of Isaiah 61:3 is the prayer offered up on their behalf --this is the vision He has for them- to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning,and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.

STay tuned for more comments about the Cambodian Christian Arts Ministry that seeks to use music, arts and drama to minister to street kids and orphans. As well, a meeting with Linda Chisholm, a 71 year old widow who is the Executive Director of the Prison Fellowship in Cambodia.


Hamster said...

I am amazed at these widows and people of "retirement" age who are serving strong in His kingdom! It reminds me of John Piper's message of "Don't Waste Your Life"!

Keep blogging, Lisa! I'm reading and praying!

lisa said...

thanks Hamster. yes I am amazed myself at these older folks. They know how to stay 'fresh and green'