Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cambodia Travels - Aug 21 & 22

Monday Aug 21/06

We planned on visiting both Tuol Sleng and the Killing Fields today but only made it to Tuol Sleng as the Killing Fields have been flooded due to the large amount of rain that has fallen here in recent times. This is the 3rd time to visit this infamous S21 --- this former school known for its torture and brutality of many khmer. For some reason during this visitI had the opportunity to really look at the numerous photos of faces of victims whose last days were in at S21. I couldn't help but see the hollowness in their eyes. It was as if they knew the death was upon them and the life that was once there was slowly being drained out of them. This is what the KR revolution did to these innocent victims. As one of my team mates entered into the rooms of photos the only thing that could keep her from not crying incessantly was the worship song that came to her head at that time "He knows my name"---yes the Lord knew and knows each of these victims by their names. They may have been marked with 'numbers' in S21 but their heavenly Father knows their names.

This place always reminds me of many things---man's inhumanity to man but most of all the ugliest that evil can bring forth. It is a level of darkness that is beyond human comprehension.

Tues Aug 22/06

Today we visited Place of Rescue. Such a stark contrast from all that we had seen at Tuol Sleng. There at Tuol Sleng, death is all around us but at Place of Rescue, there is life, there is hope, God's love is evident as we are greeted by so many of the beautiful little orphans whom God has brought to this special place. It is evident to us all that the Father's love prevails at Place of Rescue. The kids are so affectionate, full of smiles and laughter. Coming here is like a breadth of fresh air. I am always encouraged for this is the hope of Cambodia. This next generation of young boys and girls who will one day grow up and hopefully influence the nation for God.

We had the privilege of laying hands and praying over the team at Rescue. It was such a powerful prayer time. Many tears were shed. Seeing Marie, I am continually inspired by her humility and her obedience to God. I couldn't help but think 'what if'' ...what if she had listen to voices who were telling her not to return to Cambodia as a widow, what if she hadn't followed the vision God placed in her heart for this Aids Centre & Orphanage...what if----Praise God, she did....she is a testimony and a reminder to me about following in obedience to the Lord...I think of the implications of her choices and the many little Khmer lives that have been impacted. I can't help but dream of that one day when all these orphans grow up and we here their testimonies of what God has done in their lives all because one woman embraced her divine moment and was obedient to the calling placed on her life. THank you Lord for Marie!

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Hamster said...

Thanks for your entries...

I can't imagine the horrific sufferings that the Cambodians have been through, but thanks be to God that He does, and ever so intimately. He indeed is the Comforter.

I am excited for what the Lord is doing at Place of Rescue through Marie and Ratanak, and your team's viist! May He raise up many of His soldiers and followers in that place!